Analysis Of Millennials

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There have been a lot of stories in the news lately about Millennials. The older generation and people in general seem to think that Millennials are lazy, entitled and selfish kids who still live in their parents basement. In the satirical video by John Crist (2016) and article by Emily Matchar (2012) they state their different opinions and viewpoints on Millennials. Specifically, what Millennials are doing or not doing for themselves and their community. In discussions of Millennials, one controversial issue has been that people use the same stereotypical answer when talking about a whole generation. On the other hand, Matchar (2012) contends that we should support Gen Y (another name for Millenials) because they seem to be wanting respect.Others,…show more content…
To prove this, she writes that Millennials are less inclined to take jobs that aren’t suited to them. Basically Matchar is saying that Millennials won’t take a job that doesn’t have flexible work hours, good pay, and that doesn’t make their ideas heard or respected. She notes that Millennials will “make the modern workplace adapt to them. And we should thank them for it.” Then goes on to emphasize the good effect Millennials will have on the workplace by demanding what they want, and how it will benefit everyone in the long run because after all, I think we all want that, it’s just Millennials are very driven and to some it makes them seem entitled. On the other hand, John Crist’s (2016) satirical video pokes fun at Millennials because they are lazy and have expensive habits. To prove this, Crist (2016) shows Millennials who are not earning an income, with no work ethic asking to be sponsored for only 2,900 dollars a month. In other words, Crist believes that Millennials are a generation that needs everything handed to them. When they are asked about not having a job, one young man says that he doesn’t have a job because he thinks it will stifle his creativity. They need to be sponsored in order to pay for the essentials like Spotify Premium and Kombucha Juice. In a way, the video compared…show more content…
Most Millennials that I know in that age group are really good people that want to help make the world a better place. I have friends in that age group that want to be sign language interpreters, nutritionists, and nurses. None of them are making plans to get rich at all costs or trying to buy the most expensive clothes or name brand purses, they want to spend money on having experiences and taking trips. One of my friends just got back from a semester abroad in Peru, but she came back to NMSU this semester to finish her degree in Communication Disorders. She doesn’t own a house, but she went sky-diving for her birthday. She works part time at a tattoo parlor, and coaches girls soccer in her spare time. She’s not religious, but she has what she calls a “higher power” and thinks spirituality is more important than religion. I think she’s a lot like other people her age. Millennials aren’t selfish or bad, they’re just making the most of the world they have
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