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In today’s modern world, we are constantly watching what other cultures are doing. We inspire each other in the way we dress, the music we listen to, and the way we act. It is well known that hip hop is a culture in which people are constantly trying to replicate. This is evident from examining the globalization of hip hop. Hip Hop has become very popular among other countries aside from the United States. Today, people all over the world are using hip hop in their own creative way. Since hip hop has become a global experience, it is important to understand the ways in which people view it within society. To further examine the globalization of hip hop, part one of this paper explores how three authors describe global hip hop. The second part…show more content…
After reading his article, one will conclude that Chang is rather awestruck from what hip hop has done for the world. Chang demonstrates this when discussing how “thousands of organizers from Cape Town to Paris use hip-hop in their communities to address environmental justice, policing and prisons, media justice, and education” (Chang, 60). Therefore, it is clear that Chang would describe global hip hop as helpful. It is helpful because it allows people to endorse certain topics or concerns relevant to them (Chang, 60). Moreover, aside from being helpful within the community of one country, Chang also discusses how it makes everyone within the world closer. Therefore, Chang would also describe global hip hop as connecting force that ties people together (Chang, 65). Chang demonstrates this point when discussing how “Battle of the year” (Chang, 65). Chang believes that events such as this one are “bringing people together across the barriers of geography, language, and race” (Chang, 65). Chang believes that this is a connecting force between people from different backgrounds, who otherwise might have nothing else in common (Chang, 65). Overall, Chang gives his audience a good description of global hip hop. Chang makes it clear that he describes global hip hop as a connection to everyone in the world, and he would also describe it as helpful. Chang is not the only…show more content…
One way that Charry portrays rap in Africa is as a late bloomer (Charry, 1). Charry demonstrates this when he discusses how 1998 was the first year in which an African artist made it big (Charry, 9). Considering rap and the hip hop culture started somewhere around 28 years prior to that, that is a pretty late start (Charry, 1). Charry further mentions how it was most likely the connections the country, from which these artists came from, had with another country that gave rise to their popularity (Charry, 9). Charry also compares the work done by African countries to the work done in the United States to further demonstrate his portrayal (Charry, 16). Charry states, “This level of production in the second half of the 1990s…is probably similar to that of the commercial beginnings in the United States fifteen years earlier….” (Charry, 16). Charry is in a way commenting on the fact that they were slower to show up on the radar (Charry, 16). So overall, how does Eric Charry’s portrayal of African hip hop compare to other countries? Author Tony Mitchell’s book, Global Noise: Rap and Hip Hop Outside the USA, demonstrates that Charry portrays Africa to be quite different from other countries in regards to hip hop. Mitchell, in his book, goes into great detail about hip hop around the world. Mitchell examines each country and the influence hip hop has had within it. One country

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