Analysis Of Incident By Countee Cullen

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Your Name here ENGL 2328 Rachel Hebert 2 December 2017 Irony, Writing Style and Structure of Cullen’s “Incident” Presumably the most underrated African American poet of his chance, Countee Cullen is an extremely insubordinate nonconformist themed writer who is tied in with securing the rights and dignity of black individuals and utilizations that very energy to fuel his poetry. In the poem "Incident", Cullen utilizes a blend of rhetorical gadgets which he consolidates into his ironic rhythmic syntax to help underscore to readers the impact of racism had on youngsters living in the early - mid 1900's, a big deal of racism. Written in 1925; Cullen utilized this poem as a route for him to vent his emotions and frustration and educate the uninformed all in the meantime. The poem discusses a youthful African American boy who is energized that he is going to Baltimore and keeping in mind that there he runs over another young man that is his same age and size yet he is white and after that the young man is amazed by an intense and unrefined racial slur. The poem isn't as head as Cullen makes it appears; it is really an ironic poem. The main trace …show more content…

A reader would feel that the supremacist harassing would originate from somebody greater than the child in the poem when truth be told it was from somebody his own size; and that is precisely what Cullen is endeavoring to appear, that racism originated

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