Analysis Of Countee Leroy Cullen's Incident

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Countee LeRoy Cullen was one of the leading poets of the Harlem Renaissance. Although there is no real account of his early life, his accomplishments throughout his time was magnificent. During the Harlem Renaissance, he and other writers and poets used their work to empower blacks and talk about the ongoing struggle of blacks. His poem, “Incident”, depicts how overt racism was and how it attacked anyone regardless age or gender.
Countee Cullen
Born on May 30th, 1903, Countee LeRoy Porter is an African American poet, anthologist, novelist, translator, and children's writer. There is no real account of where he was born and who he lived with in his early childhood. Gerald Early suggest that he later claimed that he was born in Louisville, Kentucky, he listed New York City as his birth place of his college transcript upon enrollment into New York University (Early 705). …show more content…

I saw a native of Baltimore staring at me, at the time I was only eight years of age and he was no bigger than I was. I smiled at him but he stuck his tongue out and called me a “nigger”. I traveled throughout Baltimore from May to December and of all the things that happened, all I could remember was that incident. The speaker in the poem is a young Countee Cullen. There is one shift in the poem and it happens when the other kid called Cullen a “nigger” (Lines 6-8). At the time he was a little kid so no experience of racism prior to the incident. He is a black male living in segregated America, enforced by racism and discrimination. The conflict of the poem is racism exhibited at a very young age. “Now I was eight and very small, and he was no whit bigger, and so I smiled, but he poked out his tongue, and called me, ‘Nigger’ “, lines six through eight of the poem. No specific date of the events were stated by Cullen. He is saying these things to bring forth what is already known by most, racism does not have any

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