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I Hate Being Pregnant Many women who have looked down at a positive pregnancy test will tell you it 's a life changing, heart pounding moment. Some women might also find it frightening or upsetting. So it’s not very surprising if these women suddenly blurt out “I hate being pregnant!” Why the drama? Blame rising hormone levels. There are certain women who are more sensitive to those shifting hormones than others. I Hate Being Pregnant, Is That a Normal Feeling? It 's normal to have mood swings during pregnancy. This is because of the hormonal changes, and the broad range of feelings you may have about becoming a parent at any given time during the pregnancy. Pregnant women respond differently to these changes. Some expectant mothers experience…show more content…
Many women who admit hating pregnancy also say it makes them feel unappreciative or ungrateful to even being a mother. They often keep these negative feelings to themselves and feel guilty about it. However, being a good mother and hating pregnancy are not even remotely connected. • Learn to accept the things you cannot control. By simply accepting and embracing your uncontrollable emotions, you’ll spare yourself the exhaustion and trauma of trying to fight them off. • Try an exercise routine. A brisk walk or a few laps in a pool encourage the body’s natural painkiller endorphin to be released by the brain in response to the stress. It may keep you in a happier state of mind. Never mind the affects it has on helping to keep your weight in check. • Watch your diet. Fish, nuts, and seeds are important to include in a healthy diet. Eating omega-3 fatty acids lower overall rates of depression and this includes a lower incidence of postpartum depression among new mothers. Consuming protein, such as poultry and dairy products, along with low-glycemic carbs like whole grains, and beans, can boost the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter which has a calming effect on the brain. Avoid the alcohol, moderate the caffeine, and if you must have sweets, go for dark…show more content…
Go ahead and have a good cry. When you’re pregnant, repressed emotions hormonal or otherwise, can ferment, bubble, and become toxic when they 're not released. If you happen to have an outburst in public, just shrug to the people staring at you and offer this perfectly acceptable explanation, "I 'm pregnant." When to Worry Knowing when you 're just dealing with normal pregnancy emotions, and when it may be something more serious can be tricky, since many common pregnancy symptoms and depression symptoms overlap. So watch out for the following warning signs that can mean that you’re crossing the line and should talk to your physician. • Your mood for the most part down, you’re feeling gloomy several days in a row, and you have chronic feelings of hopelessness. • Your self-esteem is falling off, you have feelings of guilt, and you often talk negatively about yourself. You may often saying or thinking you are going to be a terrible mother, or that your partner will no longer be attracted to you after the baby arrives. • You have continuing problems falling asleep, have difficulty falling back to sleep after waking, and often wake up very early in the morning. • You’re always exhausted, no matter how much rest you

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