Analysis Of Exile

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Free Response How would you feel if you get separated from your country, family, culture and reach a completely different world where you neither know anyone nor speak their language? Edward Said has written that “Exile is strangely compelling to think about but terrible to experience”, which I agree to because I have heard stories about people who either left their family behind or lost their families during wars, which lead them to move from one place to another in an unfamiliar territory. Thinking about Exile creates suspense; a person often wonders how would a person adapt and deal with his surroundings. The hardest part of going into new land is the language, if we cannot understand each…show more content…
In the savage reservation when you love someone you must marry that person before having any relation, but people from world state believed that they should not suffer to their desires to have sex. John loved Lenina and wanted to show her that he was worthy of her and wanted to marry her but Lenina did not understand what he was talking about because she did not learn anything like that in the world state. In her words, “What a horrible Idea!(191). This describe that John and Lenina both stuck to the teachings they were given since their childhood and chose not to change it. They both had different views of love. They both loved each other but hated each other’s viewpoints on love. Their love turned into sorrow, pain, and eventually death. John hated Lenina’s viewpoint and called her a “Whore”. He shouted at her and did not want to accept her reality, so he decided to go away for it was against what he was taught. Lenina created a hate in John’s heart and they both got separated by their own misunderstandings and forced themselves to go away from their love. Other person whom John loved was his mother who was living on soma. His poor mother had no ability to face reality as the world state did not accept her appearance and the fact that she gave birth. Linda went on vacations but John wanted her to face reality instead of taking soma. He tried to convince her by squeezing “her limp hand almost with violence, and force her to come back from the dream of ignoble pleasures”(204). She retaliated with repeating the word “Pope”, which made him sad for he hated him to bits. This also brings out John’s isolation in the world state for her own mother did not wanted to come to reality. John became more isolated when his mother died by taking excessive amount of soma. He loved his mother but the world state had no idea what true love