Analysis Of Dr. Seuss's Go Dog

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Dr. Seuss 's Go, Dog. Go, was a book I remember reading a lot (probably because I loved dogs so much). When I was younger I used to go to my aunt 's house during the summer, and my grandmother would always be there. She enjoyed reading, so she made me read a book a week, whether it was from the library or from the books on the shelves at my aunt 's house. I did not enjoy going over there to read, especially since it was summer, but I did get rewarded after finishing a book with a game of Guess Who? with my grandmother.

Starting second grade, my cousin and I had the same teacher, Mrs. Hrenko. She assigned us text to read, so later that day I went to my cousin’s house to practice the reading. We were sitting in her room and the word island was in the text, and we kept pronouncing it as two separate words, is and land. The following day we went to school and I was called
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Going through the alphabet day after day, practicing each letter of the alphabet, is probably what made me dislike writing so much. The summer after third grade, my parents, made me work in reading and writing books to help me improve, but I hated doing them so my skills never really improved. Ever since then, my ability to comprehend what I read has been very difficult.

My favorite class during seventh grade was English, only because my teacher did not make me do too much writing. Towards the end of the year, she made the class write a book and it was really a fun assignment. I had to write a few short texts, ranging from poems to a short story. The short story was my favorite to write, as I got to write about a fun trip I took with my family. I also had to create illustrations for my writings, which made it easier for me and others to understand. Images helped me understand what the writings were to be about, it helped me see what was to happen without actually reading the
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