Analysis Of Common Sense By Thomas Paine

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Thomas Paine’s Common Sense was a pamphlet he wrote to encourage Americans to rebel against the British which led to the American Revolution and America gaining its independence. Paine thesis expresses destruction against America’s loyalty to the British and convincing them to revolt. Paine discussion led to encouragement for the American People to rebel against the British and gaining their independence. Paine sections his pamphlet to four sections called “Of The Origin and Design of Government in General”, “Of Monarchy and Hereditary Succession”, “Thoughts on the Present State of Affairs in America” and, “On the Present Ability of America, with some Miscellaneous Reflections” which he depicts every problem he felt that British had, and creating a sense of nationalism to the American People in order for them to oppose and rebel again Britain oppression. Paine begins the stating the difference between government and society. Paine believes that society is when everyone joins …show more content…

He argues that the American have grown bigger as a country and will be able to oppose British ruling. Also, Paine states that now is America’s time to revolt against Britain because the British is constantly getting into wars with Spain and France, and are using Americans soldiers to fight their battles. So instead of the Americans fighting another countries war, why wouldn’t they represent their own country and fight for their independence. Also, Paine expresses to the American people that they do not need Britain when it comes to trading. They can trade will other countries around Europe, and they not have to depend on Britain. Paine encourages the Americans that if they do not revolt against the British now they the King will continue to take advantage of them and they will continue to be poor and have no control or what so ever with their

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