Thomas Paine's Response To The American Declaration Of Independence

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In the year 1776, an English-born American writer by the name of Thomas Paine published one of the most critical documents to American independence prior to the Declaration of Independence itself. His paper, Common Sense, called for the immediate break away of the colonies from England and the formation of a republican government, superior to the former monarchy. Though the sheer number of copies sold can speak for the impact of Paine’s work, proper insight requires us to look into the arguments that were presented. There was undoubtedly opposition from the remaining Loyalists, so how did Common Sense so totally eclipse the counterarguments? What caused this single document to inspire such a revolutionary spirit in so many colonists across …show more content…

Considering the notion effectively done with, Paine proceeds with the next: “[Great Britain] has protected us.” He wastes no time in denouncing the motivations behind Britain’s protection. The sentimental attachment some Loyalists held towards Great Britain were only reciprocated in the form of interest in trade and dominion, with little fondness for the colony itself. As Paine says, “[Great Britain] would have defended Turkey from the same motive,” implying that would abandon America for Turkey, the common enemy of most Europeans, should the Turks supply them with more commerce than the colonies. Great Britain’s protection is no more than an insurance that no other country shares the riches of the American land, a policy which has only dragged America into enmity with nations she would otherwise have no quarrel with. (Paine 456) Moving forward, Paine addresses the popular argument of Britain being America’s parent country. With what appears to be a dryly humorous scoff, he divulges that if such a notion were true, it would only be added to the demerit of the so called “parent country,” as even the lowest of societies do not turn upon their own young or families. However, he continues to state that the assertion is

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how thomas paine's paper, common sense, was critical to american independence prior to the declaration of independence.
  • Analyzes how paine's first order of business was to shut down the loyalist arguments for remaining a colony of great britain.
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