Analysis Of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

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The feeling of being trapped can be one of the most terrifying feelings a human being can experience. This is especially true if the possibility of escaping is slim and unlikely. Whether it’s being physically trapped or emotionally trapped, the feeling can cause major changes to one’s character. This is the case for the character Jane Eyre. Written in 1847, “Jane Eyre,” by Charlotte Bronte, describes the character Jane Eyre feeling trapped with a small possibility of escaping. In order to demonstrate her feelings, Bronte uses symbolism and motifs. By using these literary elements, Bronte develops Jane's character by connecting them to her, which ultimately supports the deeper message of liberation. One of the most iconic symbols in Jane Eyre…show more content…
With her relationship with Rochester, she was trapped as a woman. She was treated like a slave by Rochester. She wasn’t valued and was seen as a commodity rather than a partner. When the storm formed before being proposed to, it was a compilation of Jane’s entrapments. Whether it was being physically trapped like how she was in the red room, or emotionally trapped like her relationship with Rochester, that storm symbolized Jane feeling trapped. Jane has no way out of escaping this feeling of entrapment. It would take a colossal force to liberate Jane. So, when the tree was struck by lightning, it symbolized Jane being liberated. Bertha was the one to liberate Jane. Jane would have been stuck with Rochester if Bertha wasn’t part of his past. Jane would have lived an oppressed life, where she would be treated like a slave by her own husband. She wouldn’t be able to develop, and would feel trapped by not knowing what love actually was. The problem with their relationship is that they were both immature and didn’t know how to express. Jane had no idea what she got herself into, which leads her to not knowing anything about a true relationship. Mr. Rochester demonstrated too much masculinity, which made him aggressive towards Jane. Ultimately, Bertha liberated both characters. She liberated Mr. Rochester by nearly burning him to death, which made him physically weak. And, she liberated Jane by allowing…show more content…
By using symbols and motifs, Bronte assures this theme and develops it. She showed how much one object like the tree can symbolize a relationship and how an immense force like a storm can destroy it. She develops Jane character through this symbolism. She compares Jane’s flaws and oppression to the symbols and ultimately makes her character grow and

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