Analysis Of Black Boy By Richard Wright

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Americans were incarcerated during this time for acts of violence. Police officers would brutally beat those in involvement with the movement if they refused to go along with the social norm of the society and so on. Others were perhaps jumped by white men when the blacks came off as being ‘disrespectful” to their way of living. The acts of Civil Rights continued until Jim Crow laws were uplifted. The Black Power Movement is solely to create black power. Involvement in such an issue had been with the Black Panthers mentioned previously. The movement was violent but yet peaceful at some times. The goal was for a better black society, but it also counteracted with white supremacy. Most ideas were taken upon by the influencer Malcolm X. The …show more content…

Richard is defining himself as a black boy in the Jim Crow South, but he is also open to the ideas and separate interpretations to further his knowledge on what exactly that means for him. Richard’s writing reflects his experiences, direct or indirect, like Bigger with his incarceration, and himself on discovering true segregation and unequal rights. The theme of Black Boy is paradoxical because is it unknown as to whether he will ever discover the secrets behind becoming a black man, and not only a black man, but a black man who had grown in the middle of the entire dispute. The book share violence but in the most informative way; without the violence the true South would not have been expressed in the novel, and as a reader you could not grasp his emotions on the topics he presents on himself like how he had suffered but his suffrage was caused by his own mothers suffrage and so on. A man is not born a slave, but a man is made a slave. Richard had become a slave to society in trying to do all things right, but also trying to flee the South and head North as if the South has still been a branch of slavery and

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  • Explains that americans were incarcerated during this time for acts of violence. police officers would brutally beat those involved in the movement if they refused to go along with the social norm of the society.
  • Explains that the black power movement is to create black power. it was violent, but peaceful, and counteracted with white supremacy.
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