Use of Diction and Imagery in Richard Wright’s Black Boy

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Use of Diction and Imagery in Richard Wright’s Black Boy Black Boy, which was written by Richard Wright, is an autobiography of his upbringing and of all of the trouble he encountered while growing up. Black Boy is full of drama that will sometimes make the reader laugh and other times make the reader cry. Black Boy is most known for its appeals to emotions, which will keep the reader on the edge of his/her seat. In Black Boy Richard talks about his social acceptance and identity and how it affected him. In Black Boy, Richard’s diction showed his social acceptance and his imagery showed his identity. First, the diction that Richard Wright uses in this passage of him in the library shows his social acceptance. An example of this is when Mr. Faulk, the librarian, lets Richard borrow his library card to check out books from the library. Richard writes, a note saying, “Dear Madam; Will you please let this nigger boy have some books by H.L Mencken. ” Richard uses, “nigger boy,” on the card so the other librarian would think that Mr. Faulk had written the note, not him. Richard having to write the word “nigger” on the library shows that if Richard would have written “black boy” instead, the librarian would have known he would have written the note. The fact that Richard has to lie and write a note to just be able to get the books from the library is an example of his social acceptance. Another example of diction showing Richard’s social acceptance is when Mr. Faulk gives Richard the library card and he tells Richard not to mention this to any other “white man.” By reading this statement by Mr. Faulk, it clearly shows how unaccepted blacks were and how afraid people were to be connected to them, even if it only involved giving the... ... middle of paper ... ...mple of imagery is when Richard’s friends run up to him with his article in their hands and a baffled look on their faces. This shows that Richard is a very talented writer for his age and that Richard is a very ambitious person because his school never taught him to write the way he does. This also shows that Richard took it upon himself to become a talented author and wants to be a writer when he grows up. In conclusion, an author’s writing can tell a lot about himself. The writer will tell the reader something about themselves, either through diction, syntax or by other methods. In Black Boy, Richard writes in a way that allows the reader to learn information about his life. Learning about the author through his/her writing is the best way to learn about them because this way you get to learn what author thinks about the topics that he/she are talking about.

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