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Gerontology 530 Sarton Paper Analysis The purpose of this paper is to analyze Caro Spencer’s life in the book titled “As we are now”, by May Sarton using the life course perspective on aging approach. In order to analyze her life, the meaning of the life course perspective should be defined. According to moody text, the life course perspective is understanding part of the entire course of human life and the result of influences that came earlier than old age (Moody & Sasser, 2012, p. 1). This approach links individual lives and the histories which shapes individuals. The history is essential to this approach because there are critical periods in a person’s development, adolescence, parenthood, retirement, social, economic and demographic factors that influence change across the lifespan (Shannon, 2015). In Caro’s case, most of these factors influenced change in her life …show more content…

Caro appears to have an extroverted personality which is why she longs for interaction from others around her. Earlier in her life to has maintained valuable relationships with people that were valuable to her. However, as she aged her social network diminished significantly. Smaller social networks are a result of older people who have exited the workforce and who are not active in their communities (Moody & Sasser, 2012, p. 22).Throughout the book Rose and Harriet prevented Caro from maintaining healthy relationships by telling lies to her visitors and by suggesting that they should not visit her. The tragic death of standfill impacted Caro severely as well. Caro and Standish was different in Caro’s opinion however, they understood each other. Caro depended on Standish because she provided comfort to her. The relationship that Caro had with replacement nurse Mrs. Close, also impacted Caro. Mrs. Close was different because she showed Caro love that she desperately strived to

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  • Analyzes caro spencer's life in the book titled "as we are now" by may sarton using the life course perspective on aging approach.
  • Describes caro spencer as a 76-year-old, retired high school math teacher who was struggling to adjust to her nursing home due to heart attack and inability to get along with her brother john's wife.
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