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A team which has an infinitive tradition towards maximizing the quality football, Arsenal has become one of the most consistent teams over the years and have been playing Champions League football for quite a while now. They've produced stunning performances in the recent past and their academy is one the best in England. The year 1996 saw a marked change in Arsenal's footballing history as it was the first time a Non-British person was in charge of the team. It was the beginning of an era. Arsene Wenger slowly but steadily put together his team and they were soon title contenders. He built a team that was full of conspicuous talent. It was a team which played an intricate brand of football with Dennis Bergkamp at the helm of affairs. He completed his jigsaw by adding Thierry Henry, Sol Campbell and Patrick Viera. These three along with their legendary captain Tony Adams, Dennis Bergkamp, Mark Overmars, Freddie Ljungberg and Robert Pires changed the complexion of the Gunners in the turn of the millennia. 2003-04 was a landmark season for the Gunners as they went a whole season unbeaten. Highbury was a fort unconquered by even the best at that point of time. Henry had proved to be a world class player and along with the able support of his team mates, they formed quite a team. The title was won with a goal by Tony Adams. It was a spectacular end to a season which was dominated by the Gunners. 10 years later, Wenger is still there. He has steered them into a Champions League final among others but they've not been able to reach the success they did a decade back. This season got off to the worst possible start with a 3-1 loss to Aston Villa. But they came back in some fashion and were in the reckoning for the race to the title. B... ... middle of paper ... ...nal on the contrary have no real strikers and their midfield has been plagued by injuries. And their lack of bench strength has hit them back. They don't have enough support in their defensive department. Except Thomas Vermaelen, they don't have any notable figure in their bench. Yes, most of their midfielders have been injured but the bench strength should've been increased. This is again an area where Arsenal should plan on next year. Arsenal have been very consistent over the past few years but silverware has eluded them. Arsenal are a case for very close to winning a title but they end up on the wrong side. If the Gunners actually end up without winning a title for the next couple of years, it would be a sour ending to one of the greatest managerial spells in Europe. And for football fans around the world it would be disappointing to see him go out like that.

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