The Chicago Bulls in the Nineties

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It is 1991 and the Chicago Bulls are playing the Lakers in the championship. Michael Jordan had just crossed over Magic Johnson and was on a fast break, when he saw Pippen in the corner. Jordan whips the ball to Pippen and Pippen knocked a three down to take the lead. That was the first championship the Bulls had ever won. Their all-star player, Michael Jordan, was drafted in 1980. Nobody knew that Michael would lead the Chicago Bulls to their first championship series. The Bulls who had two all-star players, Jordan and Scotty Pippen, which of who were the Chicago Bulls top scorers. The team from the nineties had the best record in the NBA. The nineties were the best years that Chicago Bulls had experienced thus far. They have only won 6 championships and they all are from the1990’s (91, 92, 93, 96, 97, and 98). The Chicago Bulls had some of the best players around in the nineties.
In the nineties the Chicago Bulls had an awe inspiring and credible team. The top two records from the Chicago Bulls in this era are still among the top ten recorded high records of all time. The Chicago Bulls acquired their best two series in the years of; 1992 and 1996. In 1992, the Chicago Bulls went 67-15, and in 1996 they had 72 wins allotting only ten loses ( The highest record, of the time, in the top ten records was broken by the record of the Chicago Bulls in 1996. In 1996 the Chicago Bulls defense made 345 blocks, 745 steals, and caused 1,175 turnovers. The offense was responsible for 544 three point shots! While in 1992 the team had a low percentage of making their three point shots only making 138 out of 454 attempts. However they managed to make 3,505 two point shots out of an attempted 6,714. They also were ...

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...e NBA, with dedication from the players and Jackson.
Even though the Bulls played many great seasons the 1990’s seasons were the best in the franchise’s history. It wasn’t just Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as the all-stars of the 1990’s there were many other contributing players such as; William “Bill” Cartwright, Horace Grant, and B.J. Armstrong. Even though these players have since retired they have set a precedent for the future Bull’s franchise players. Just as Coach Phil Jackson has increased the level of intensity for current and future Chicago Bulls coaches.
When you think of the Chicago Bulls today or even professional basketball you can not help but think of the 90's era Bulls. Success has embraced this team both on the court and off the court. The 90's Bulls touched more than a basetball on a court they touched the hearts and lives of many fans.
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