Exploring Lucid Dreams: A Nostalgic Journey

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Carter is having unusual dreams. No recollection of particulars, just that his dreams are strange. He’d never had lucid dreams before. Now he has them a lot. Looking around a room that’s mostly recognizable as his first college flat, he realizes he’s having another. The apartment seems off somehow. A Hollywood sell-out, not the authintic indy short that would make him feel nostalgic. He 'd shared that small flat with 2.5 roommates. The .5 was Kevin, a high school friend who paid $250 a month to crash at their place whenever he didn’t feel like driving back home. Carter would have let him stay for free, but they always needed the money. Kevin is here, and they 're setting on one of the mattresses strewn along the floor of the single large space. Carter remembers discussions of whether this was a living room or a bedroom. Technically it was both, so they …show more content…

He can 't control his reflex to drop it, and it reminds Carter of a childhood memory. He is six, and successfully captures a grasshopper. It is the largest grasshopper he’s ever seen, five inches long. He never forgets the sensation of the insect contorting and twisting, chitin scratching his skin feeling disturbing and alien. That primal weirdness is with him now as the accumulating mass of ticker tape undulated on his stomach. It 's wriggling against his navel and then startes to penetrate him, feeding into his umbilical vestige as if unseen belly-sprockets are spooling it in. Carter can 't accept that this is happening to him, even in a dream. He watches the invading tape, punchholes still dancing about, like it was a movie—possibly a lost scene from Eraserhead. As the tape intrusion continues his belly swells. He feels nauseous. Leaning to his left, away from Sebastian, vomit rumbles up his throat and out into the river. It 's ticker tape covered with slick, sick stomach content that seemingly killed the living punch code, now static and

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