Book Review: Carry That Weight: Case Review

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Crystal Lundberg
Mr. Johnson
American Literature
11 November 2014

Carry That Weight

In 2012 Emma Sulkowicz, sophomore at Columbia University, was raped in her own bed. Now, as a senior, she carries around a twin sized mattress everywhere she goes on campus (Today Show). California has cracked down on the scenarios typically excluded by the “no” policy, by passing the “Yes means Yes” sexual assault prevention law. According to Kate Golden, Alex Morrell and Sara Jerving, from the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism, sexual assault and dating violence are public health concerns that impact both individual survivors and the larger campus as well. “The thing about a bed, is that we keep them in our bedroom, which is like our intimate space, our private space, that we can
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A young Emma Sulkowicz was starting her second year as a Columbia art major, was raped in her dorm room. Emma didn 't report the incident at first, but when hearing about two other classmates who told her the same rapist was abusing them too, she pressed charges with the administration. Students tend to be uneasy reporting rape because the police aren 't always great with rape charges. After six months of Columbia not hearing Emma 's charges, they found the rapist in favor, (Grigoradis Vanessa, The Cut). Among college women, nine in ten victims of rape and sexual assault knew their offender, (Fisher, National institute of Justice). Emma falls under that nine, knowing the rapist, Paul, very well. At the end of their freshman year, they both signed up to help lead the next year’s outdoor-orientation program. During the training trip to the Delaware River they had sex

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