Analysis Of 30 Days Living As A Muslim

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Watching “30 Days Living as A Muslim” really did not teach me anything, but surely made me angrier. First of all I found it very offensive for someone to attempt to make most of the ignorant people in this world to comprehend what Islam, which is receiving such hatred and insult, and Muslims who are going through too many victimization just to survive and be treated equally as other followers of God’s guidance within 45 minutes. I felt ashamed and disgusting. What does it mean? If it is more than an hour, won’t people watch it? Is it too long for us to be exposed and thought about our people who are not treated fairly as human right in front of our eyes? The worse part is Dave, the man who was chose to live as an Muslim for only 30 days did not prove to us that he learned anything, did he? Dave had…show more content…
He seemed as if he did what he did, because it was the right thing to do. Dave shaved, Dave learned the language, Dave lived with a Islamic family, Dave wore their clothes and went to pray with them, Dave ate their food and did not go against their tradition. Nevertheless, as soon as he left he cut off his beard. We can say he is a christian and maybe he just like his beard shaved . Yet, from this video all I saw was that he was far from comfortable going through this experience of “living as a Muslim”. He was not happy praying in a foreign language, nor happy with the fact that he had to kneel when he prayed. Most of all his interview at the radio station proved it all. He sounded still resentful about September 11 and very closed to the idea of the existence of other religion, because of the fact that he thought Muslims were sincerely apologetic about the unfortunate actions the terrorists are committing. A mother, is apologetic of their children’s misbehavior towards others. That is because she raise and nurture them. What they do is a projection of her educational, and familial
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