The Importance Of Religion: Islamic Religion And Islam

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Exam 1 Essay Question Frequently there is an absence of understanding when it comes down to the point of what religion is and how it is characterized/translated. Religion is an arrangement of conventions that individuals obey and trust in. Moreover, the Islamic faith for Muslims is not thought to be only a religion but rather basically a lifestyle. Islam means submission to God and this can be found in the way the greater part of Muslims lead their every day lives through acquiescence to the Qur 'an and teachings of the Prophet. The Quran is known to be the fundamental source of Islamic faith, practice, and law. This paper particularly addresses the role that interpretation plays in connection to the three areas Hadith, Islamic Law and Sufism,…show more content…
Furthermore, Sharia is not only an arrangement of laws but also the proper way of life, and guidance of Allah. For example, in Sharia there are differences between the various schools of law as to the level of what a woman may wear and reveal in public. (Friedland) The Qur 'an is the key source of the Sharia, both the Qur 'an and Hadith push the thought of modesty in the way women of the Islamic faith dress when in public. In essence Sharia is simply endeavors by Muslims to make an arrangement of common society and administration with equity and…show more content…
By educating the masses and deepening the spiritual concerns of the Muslims, Sufism has played a critical part in the arrangement of the Muslim society. The Sufi movement consists of rituals and practices include writing and reciting poetry and hymns. For example, Sufis participate in an assortment of custom practices planned to offer them some assistance with realizing union with God, for example, particular types of custom supplication to God include the recitation of God 's names, and substantial ceremonies, for example, "Whirling Dervishes," a Turkish Sufi arrange that practices reflection and thought of God through turning. (Religion and Ethics

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