Anaerobic Respiration Essay

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Task 1 There are our series in the degradation of glucose in the two different forms of respiration. This includes glycolysis, link reaction, Krebs cycle and the electron transport chain. The degradation of one molecule of glucose in the presence of oxygen goes through all four series. Inside aerobic respiration, the pyruvate moves to the mitochondria, whereas in the anaerobic respiration, the pyruvate stays in the cytoplasm. This is therefore showing that anaerobic respiration goes through all four series, whereas aerobic respiration only goes through the first stage, which is glycolysis. The degradation of one molecule of glucose in the absence of oxygen (anaerobic respiration) only goes through the first series. The reason as to why anaerobic respiration does not go through the other three series, is because of the fact that there is an absence in oxygen. Once the one molecule of glucose goes through the first series, the pyruvate stays inside of the cytoplasm, instead of being absorbed into the mitochondria to carry on with the next three series. Diagram of anaerobic respiration: Diagram of aerobic respiration: Task 2 Adenisine Triphosphate (ATP) is the molecule …show more content…

Glycolysis is the first stage of the breakdown of one molecule of glucose. Within this step, the glucose ring becomes phosphorylated. Phosphorylation is a process of adding a phosphate group to a molecule, which is therefore resulting in ATP. Hexokinase is used within this stage of the reaction to catalyse the phosphorylation of a 6-membered glucose ring. As a result of this, a molecule called Glucose-6-phosphate is formed. The second step includes the conversion of glucose-6-phosphate into fructose-6-phosphate. Phosphoglucose isomerase is used within this part of the reaction because it helps the reaction to take place. During this reaction, the carbon-oxygen bond is rearranged, which is resulting in the transformation of the 6-membered glucose ring, into a 5-membered glucose

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