Japanese American Are A Minority Group

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The purpose of this essay is to talk about how Japanese American are a minority group in the United States that has received unequal treatment for my Cultural Diversity class. To achieve this, I read Race, Class, and Gender in the United States: An Integrated Study, used the National University Library to search for information about Japanese experiences from 1900-2015. Japanese Americans faced prejudice, discrimination, and segregation from 1900 to 1960’s. I explain how Japanese Americans fit into the five essential properties of a minority group. These are physical and cultural characteristics, unequal treatment, endogamous, subordinate status, and involuntary membership in a minority group.

Throughout Americas history, there has been prejudice, discrimination, and segregation. The prejudice, discrimination, and segregation of African-Americans and Native Americans are well known and often portrayed in movies. The group that is less exposed in movies is the prejudice, discrimination, and segregation of Asians. Mine is about a minority group that has seen prejudice, discrimination, and segregation that is now recognized universally deplorable the Japanese American. The incarceration of the Japanese by the United States during World War II is now considered unjust. After “Executive Order 9066 the army moved 40,000 long-term immigrants, and 77,000 United States citizens of Japanese descent.” (Miksch and Ghere, 2004 p. 212) Although, at that time “Most people thought internment of enemy aliens was a normal precaution in wartime situations.” (Miksch and Ghere, 2004 p. 211) “The practice of internment of enemy aliens is normal practice in Canada, Australia, United States, and European countries.” (Miksch and...

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