An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

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An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley The inspector's manner towards the Birling family is quite aggressive, blunt and direct. He criticises Mr Birling for sacking Eva Smith. He talks about Eva's death very truthfully and shows them all the photos of her after she had drank disinfectant. He seems to know all of the answers to his questions. He also seems to know the chain of events which linked the members of the Birling family to the death of Eva Smith. He has an unusual ways of investigating because he has the use of photographs but he only shows it to the Birling family one at a time, the gradual exposure of the truth and getting them all to confess that they had some part to play in Eva Smith committing suicide. The Inspector talks about how Mr Birling was really uncaring to her as she had been a loyal worker. Then she had asked for more money from Mr Birling. She had done this in a strike but Mr Birling still refused to give her a raise and after the strike he had sacked Eva Smith from his work shop which left her with no money and no house. He also talks about how unfair Sheila was to her as she manages to get a job in a clothes shop and as Sheila was trying on a dress she saw that it did not suit her, Eva Smith had also tried on the dress and it fitted her perfectly and she looked really nice in it. Sheila was furious with this and in the background when she was trying on her dress she heard Eva laughing. She thought that Eva was laughing at her so Sheila said to the owners of the clothes shop that she would not buy any clothes from that shop until they had sacked Eva. This means that they had to sack Eva smith because they did not want to lose a client. Gerald also had an affair with her but she had to change her name to Daisy Remton.

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