An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley

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An Inspector Calls by J.B. Priestley The inspector wants to show and teach the Birlings that they are responsible for how they affect the lives of others (Eva Smith). The inspector tries to make the family clear that each uncaring behaviour can produce serious consequences. While the children Sheila and Erik notice and then admit their heartless acting, their parents just see their legal innocence and do not accept any moral guilt. J.B Priestley's main concerns about the class divide were how the middle class treated the working class. Priestley is trying to show that the upper classes are unaware that the easy lives they lead rest upon hard work of the lower classes. By setting the play in 1912 and presenting it to a later audience, J.B priestly has covered an era which includes both world wars. This was his way of expressing a sense of urgency which he thought necessary to pass on to society so that they would not forget what had just turned out and to capture attention. Most of the characters learn a lot about themselves and others. Mr Birling discovers the death of Eva and feels no guilt for not protecting the girl. He feels justified in sacking the girl. Mrs Birling remains solid and also refuses to see how her actions could have been responsible for the girl's death. Her refusal to help the girl was what led to her suicide. It was only after she realises that Eric was the child's father she begins to show signs of weakening. Eric wants his parents to admit their mistakes as he freely admitted his. Though he is not a very pleasant character we may feel that he has learnt a lesson, that he is sincerely ashamed of his behaviour and he is capable of changing for the better. The characters respond in a different manner towards the inspector's questions. Firstly Mr Birling, he's a wealthy factory owner (businessman), his first main concern is to make money& get power! He strongly believes that "a man has to make his own way".
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