An Inside Look at Coker College

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Regular admission for Coker is open between December 1 until April 15, this allows for early registration for fall classes. The decision for one’s admission is decided within three weeks of the application being received. As soon as one is admitted into Coker academic scholarships are awarded. An early financial aid estimate is also available through the end of January. Summer admission, May 1 until August 1, also has admission that is decided within three weeks(“When to Apply”). The required testing for Coker is the SAT math and reading along with the ACT composite score. The average ACT composite score for Coker is 20, the average SAT critical reading score is 480, and the average SAT math score is 490. The average GPA is also a 3.02 for admittance(College Data). AP credits and dual credits from high school are accepted at Coker as well. With a 57.8% acceptance rate, Coker is not that difficult to get into simply because it is a smaller school(U.S. News). For an incoming freshman it could be torturous having to wait a long period of time to know whether you got into a college that they have applied for. Luckily, for them Coker gets their decision to the applicant quickly, so then there is no long, aggravating wait.
If looking for graduate classes, Coker only offers Master of Science degrees in college athletic administration. Even though there is only one graduate class, Coker offers over sixty undergraduate programs. The undergraduate programs include photography, psychology, criminology, dance, history, along with many other programs(“Academic Programs”). In addition to being a small school, Coker also has small class sizes. In fact, the student to teacher ratio is 1:14 (U.S. News) with the average class size being ...

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