An Influential Women Leader As A Prime Minister Of A Developing Country Context

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In spite of having an influential women leader as a prime minister to lead the country and massive policy initiatives for bringing women empowerment in achieving millennium development goals, Bangladesh ranks lower in terms of women participation in leadership position and top management in the private sector of the economy. Gender diversity in business leadership is an emerging requirements to be fulfilled in order to become competitive globally. It is well regarded that woman are well able to play the role of a true leader by demonstrating their altruism beyond the boarder of the family, friends and even country. An in depth interview of 19 corporate women leaders in Bangladesh has been undertaken to draw the recommendation for facilitating female advancements in corporate leadership. Analysis of information based on interviews explore the barriers and enablers of women leadership in corporation of a developing country context. The leadership style intensively followed by women corporate leaders in Bangladesh is based on interactions ' leadership. Their leadership is backed with a clear dream having several visionary steps to peruse with bold determination and dedication through interaction with employees in all layer of the corporation to facilitate learning and knowledge sharing that can be further translated into achieving desired corporate performance. Corporate women leaders are really struggled to develop their carrier in climbing the apex of management. Women leadership style in Bangladesh significantly differs from their counterparts men leadership style in terms of the engagement of a leader with bottom level employees of organizational hierarchy. Where, male leaders tend to exhibit greater degree of authority and pow... ... middle of paper ... ... Most of the interviews reveal the belief of women leader in Bangladesh regarding the possibility of creating potential women leader in coming decade. Young girls of today should set up the goal of their life as early as possible and devise several steps and options to reach the destination by investing physical, financial and mental resources. Rapid development of information infrastructure through the country enables women to have more access of information that results in increase in awareness among women about their career prospect. It invites for building a seamless connection between Bangladeshi corporate women leaders with corporate women leaders in the rest of the world to broaden the scope of opportunity platform. Even, increasing domestic network among corporate women leaders can also defend to domestic issues like corruption and human rights for women.

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