Gender Gap Essay

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The gender gap in representation of top management positions is a controversial, historic, social, and economic topic. A gender gap is defined as a discrepancy in opportunities, status, and attitudes between men and women. In the present day, there are persistent questions on whether the gender gap exists in top management positions of corporate organizations. This research paper is arguing that a gender gap does exist within these top management positions. Firstly, women are continuously facing barriers that prevent them from reaching the top of corporate hierarchy. Secondly, there is a persistent disparity in wage compared to men and women in the upper echelons of corporations. Finally, a social attribute of discriminating women, excludes…show more content…
The discrimination occurs by in-group bias, androcentric values, and stereotypes, which affect a women’s ability on advancing in their corporate organization. In-group bias is a pattern of favoring members of one’s “in-group” over an “out-group” of members. This can be seen in corporate management when “current leaders promote subordinates who they perceive to be like them” (Foster, 2017), often male leaders will promote fellow male associates (Foster, 2017). With this notion, women are often kept out of the informal networks of mentorship (Foster, 2017), inhibiting their advancement in the organization. Androcentrism is the institutionalized pattern of cultural value that privileges traits associated with masculinity, while devaluing feminine traits (Foster, 2017). These values are recognized in the workplace when there are negative assumptions made about women (Foster, 2017). One example, is the assumption in corporate culture that women are less capable and that their work is less valuable (Foster, 2017). This concept diminishes the worth of the women in the workplace; ultimately obstructing their opportunities and ability to achieve top management positions in their organization. Stereotypical beliefs about a woman’s abilities and interests may also result in fewer opportunities to do high-profile projects in upper management (Foster, 2017). Accordingly, the…show more content…
The persistence of the gender gap has been evaluated through the barriers, wage disparity, and discrimination that women endure in these organizations. In evaluating the barriers that women endure, it is displayed that they are left at a disadvantage compared to men, since they do not have the same learning opportunities, and are unable to progress at the same level. Also, in the assessment of the wage gender gap, unfair treatment towards women has led to their value and worth be questioned, eventually obstructing their ability to advance in their organizations. Finally, the analysis of the discrimination that women face in the workplace, has expressed that women are not given the same opportunities as men, which hinders their ability on rising in corporate hierarchy. The opposing argument to the gender gap focuses on gender bias, and recognizes the underrepresentation of women in upper management positions. The gender gap can begin to close if organizations take the initiative to hire more women and encourage their participation in the workforce. Overall, the gender gap in the representation of top management positions does exist in corporate organizations, however these organizations can make a change and bridge the
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