An Individual Handle Conflict Within A Team Project Setting

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Introduction In this case, there are several issues going on like the problem with project planning, leadership and communication just to name a few. The focus on this case for the team project will be how an individual handle conflict within a team project setting. It is not hard to see that conflict is brewing in the core and spilling over to the sub team based on the information of this case study. The core team has a different view about how the project should be handled; the United States based members want to have decentralized communication-based on their previous experiences and the French wants to have a more centralize approach based on their experiences. The cultural differences, being from two different countries and one company being more dominant than the other company can foster conflict within the organization on these issues alone. The project manager Didier doing little to build unity between the two organizations and making unilateral decisions and not requesting or considering anyone input can also create conflict on this project. 6. Affiliation concerns Affiliation is the ways in which individuals feel connected to other people or groups around them. A strong sense of affrication will foster a sense of caring for another and looking out for each other well being. The obvious distinction is the cross-cultural. The ValMed employed most of the United States team members which made up the core team and not splitting the personnel up and putting them on PharmMed side did nothing for employees to feel inclusive and not have strong ties to the previous companies. It is obvious that this transaction feels more like an acquisition and not a merger and PharmCo being the dominant partner coming out of Fra... ... middle of paper ... ...ll happen next can be debilitating because it requires extra neural energy. This will diminish memory, undermine performance, and disengage people from the present. Being micromanaged can easily generate a threat response in an individual .Employees that experiences a lack of control, or his or her work situation will experience a greater amount of stress on this perception of uncertainty. Just the opposite will happen if an employee feels that he or she is in control of their work situation will experience less stress on the job. Employees must feel that they are providing a valuable service in their job service. The need to be productive or doing a related service is very important to individuals in general and this called “relatedness”. Everyone wants to be treated fairly when comes to doing their job. These important factors were not done in this case study.

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