An Essay On The Mafia

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Crime has been around since the beginning of time. Few, have made it a profession. The mafia has been influencing politics, economy, and assassinations of high officials. Although they weren’t good people, they influenced America in more ways than most people know. Sneaking mobsters in our government to spread corruption, destroying rival businesses, and assassinating nation’s leaders are just some of the few things the mafia has done to America.
During the cold war the spread of communism was a fear for many Americans. The mafia decided to take advantage of this and decided to strike a deal with the government. “In 1945 and 1955 43 socialists and communists were murdered in Sicily, often at election time.” (Quoted in Stille 1995: 19). The government hired assassins to kill communist politicians in Italy ultimately changing how their country’s government. In America, some political candidates would look to the mafia to help them get elected. Election workers were assaulted and kidnapped while bombs exploded at their candidate’s house and political leaders were often murdered. This was to guarantee that someone would get into office. The final example is that congress even had to get involved into the war against the mafia. “In 1970, Congress passed the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, which proved to be a powerful tool in the government’s war on the Mafia.”(American Mafia US History) It’s obvious that the mafia has influenced our government in good and bad ways. From helping stop the spread of communism to influencing elections its obvious the mafia has played a bigger role in politics than most people realize.
The selling of illegal substances, prostitution, and illegal gambling were some ...

... middle of paper ... only hours after the assassination can only raise speculation to why the mafia was so quick to silence him. After the Cuban missile crisis America was very tense with Cuba. The mafia was hired by the cia to attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro. “A CIA document outlining a Mafia-connected plan to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro for $150,000 is among thousands of Robert F. Kennedy documents made public Thursday, just days before the 50th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis.”(The Mob 22) It was unsuccessful however, it goes to show how the strong the mafia is.
The 20th century was a time of prosperity and the becoming of a nation. It was also the time of organized crime that changed Americas history. Manipulating politicians and corrupting our government, destroying buisnesses while helping others, and assassinating high officals, the mafia changed America.
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