carlos marcello and Ruby plot to kill John F kennedy

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Carlos Marcello hired Oswald to killed John F. Kennedy. John f. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy were trying to get rid of organized crimes, Ruby kill Oswald to cover up evidence. The mafia conflict with kennedy started since he became president . n November 26 ruby met with Oswald to plan the assassination of president kennedy . Carlos and Ruby wanted to eliminate kennedy because they hated him ,facts after facts stated that he was a lone gunman he was not really because why did Ruby just kill him afterwards if he did this alone? . the mafia is powerful, they know how to cover their tracks they are master of manipulation . The mafia were angry at president kennedy in this article published by (anthony and robin ), assassination of kennedy . it states that The Mafia thought they had a deal, then they help to get Kennedy elected in exchange for a complaisant Justice Department. The month after the election, John Kennedy announced that he was making his brother Robert Attorney Robert made it clear that he intended to use the office to wage war on organized crime. The mafia specially carlos Marcello was not happy about it he was furious , he wanted to get revenged on president kennedy for what he did . on November 26 it is stated that Ruby met with Oswald to plan the whole thing , it goes further saying that was not the first time that Carlos Marcello plan to kill the president the article say that he attempted on killing the president he tried to assassinate him in tampa and Chicago he also say that he had to men to do the job for him . By MARCELLA S. KREITER, United Press International. After hiring Oswald the plan was set but to prove the theory that he was not alone he was sent on a mission either volunteer o... ... middle of paper ... ...d in the FBI the government , police and so on . They had the power to eliminate someone with a snap of there finger . carlos marcello had ways of getting out of trouble thats one of the reason why he was never in jail for killing the president and he had lots of people in his corner like people who also wanted John , F kennedy dead they plotted and organized to have him kill . as you can see the true is that Carlos marcello is the one that killed the president and there are supporting facts about it . but one thingis for sure the mob had a well known reasons to kill the president and its hatred that led them eliminate him its a criminal nature to get revenge just like Carlos Marcello said’’a dog will continue to bite you if you cut off its tail. Whereas if you cut off the dog's head, it would cease to cause you trouble’’. that’s exactly what he did.
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