An Essay On The Gettysburg Address

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Ever heard such a life changing speech that stood with you forever ? Throughout history there have been many speeches, but the greatest ones are those that stick with people even after decades. These are the speeches that have had an impact on people because of how powerful they are and people really connected with them. A great example of a timeless speech is “ The Gettysburg Address “ speech, given by former president Abraham Lincoln. This essay will focus on the impact of this speech in three main points. First, it will cover the history of the speech. Second, the importance of this speech, and thirdly, why it had such a huge impact then and still to this day. Let's begin with the history of the speech. The Gettysburg Address speech was presented by the president at that time, Abraham Lincoln on November 19, 1863 in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (Staff, “Battle of Gettysburg”). This was four and a half months after the battle, in which the United States was undergoing a bloody war. Not a war with other countries but within its own nations. The war was called the “ Civil War “, in whic...

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