An Army Of One : Me By Jean Twenge

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Narratives are an important part of an essay as they create a sense of tone needed to describe a story or situation with ease. If the narrative is not correct, it can leave a false impact on the readers or viewers because it lacks the main tone of the story. Having a perfect narrative can not only enhance a story, but it can also prove evidence. In her essay, “An Army of One: Me”, Jean Twenge provides some of the best examples of how narratives enhance a story and she also emphasizes on how the tone of storytelling matters on the impact that the story would have on its readers or listeners. Apart from Twenge, Tim O’Brien also focuses on how the narrative of the story can help in understanding the truth and falsity of the story in his essay, “How to Tell a True War Story.” In addition to O’Brien, Ethan Watters also emphasizes on the narrative of cultural progress in his essay, “The Mega-Marketing of Depression in Japan”, when he talks about the anti-depressants to be sold in Japan. All three authors agree to the fact that narrative, the art of telling a story or explaining a situation, has a major impact on the story and on how it is taken by the audience. Narratives can be transformed into evidence by using argumentative narrative over non-argumentative because argumentative narration helps in proving a point, whereas a non-argumentative narrative tends to describe the fact with a crisp, clear sentence that cannot be changed by any means which further results in giving more volume to the story and helping in making a persuasive dialogue in the story. The art of speaking is when an argument is put forth in a form that is more like persuasion rather than an argument. Using argumentative and persuading speech can help decrease the o... ... middle of paper ... ...ce or narration would. In conclusion, argumentative and persuasive narration is an art of using evidence as narration to prove a particular point which helps in connecting thoroughly with the audience or readers and also helps in creating better understanding of the subjects. While Twenge uses mocking tone and direct attacks on audience’s consciousness and credibility, O’Brien uses true story that can connect the audience with their own experiences. On the contrary, to both, Watters uses real problems that are happening in the world. Although they all have different approaches, their main agenda is to create a impact in the lives of audience and help them in understanding different aspects of life: understanding of truth vs lies, learning to cope with failure and rejection, and knowing the importance of medicines and how they can help us in living healthier lives.

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