An Analysis of Greenpeace

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At the beginning Greenpeace is established by several activists in order to protest American nuclear weapons test in 1971. And it becomes a global non-profit organization aims to expose global environmental issues and force methods for a green future nowadays (Huebner, 2006). Furthermore, a variety of non-violent demonstrations and campaigns were organized to against not only nuclear weapons but also others environmental problems like genetic enhancement, hydroelectricity ,wind power, nuclear power, forestry, to name but a few. However, there is a big debate on the actions, which were taken by those environmental groups such as Greenpeace. The statement” The environmental groups Greenpeace is taking the wrong position on environmental issues” is incorrect. That means the environmental groups Greenpeace is right especially its attitude towards the controversial issues, like nuclear power and genetic enhancement and salmon farming.

The stance and attitude taken by Greenpeace on nuclear power is convincing and trustworthy. Some people may argue that nuclear power is an efficient way to tackle energy shortage as it can replace non-renewable energy like fossil fuels and it does not exhaust greenhouse gases. They claimed this is a more reliable and eco-friendly energy resource (Moore, 2005). That is why those people in favor of the development on nuclear energy. However, they are wrong because their arguments have drawn some false conclusions on this issue and they have fallacy on interpret Greenpeace position on nuclear power.” Greenpeace is not solely oppose the development on nuclear energy, but they raised some concerns about nuclear power. “We are concerned about a little thing called radioactive waste and the fact that nuc...

... middle of paper ... Greenpeace against from genetically enhancement food and salmon farming.

To sum up, Greenpeace is not taking a wrong position on environmental issues. They just take a post on telling us what are wrong on nuclear power, food production. They point out some bad effects that we may not notices or concerns, which will be harmful to us in long term. Greenpeace helps our society, our world enhance the awareness on those environmental issues. Although these advices may not sound to everyone, it is very important for our future, for next generation! Save our world be consider and balance both pros and cons. Meanwhile, be green is not just saying, we need to do it and make it happen. Greenpeace just an organization that promote green, no matter you think it is wrong or not, save our world need our own force and action! Do it right now, it is better late than never!

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