An Analysis Of Senior Program Funding Cuts

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Economic issue topic for me concerning elderly people is Senior Program Funding Cuts. Elderly people in today’s society are suffering greatly due to the major cut they have to deal with such as housing, Medicaid, and even jobs. These cuts are having many of our elderly people homeless and on the streets. There has been a major increase for economic assistance due to these major cuts. Unfortunately millions of our elderly people will not be able to survive with these cuts. The funding will continue to decline because there will be so many people in need of monies which in turn, this will not be enough to allocate out to others (O’Keeffe & Wiener 2009). Studies have found there is a major gap between the rich and the poor. The rich keep getting richer and the poor are getting even poorer. In order for society to help the elderly we must make cuts in other areas where funding is not really needed, rather than making cuts that are affecting our elderly. Cuts could be made in areas such as the tax brackets for the rich. I do not believe it fair for the rich to have such big tax break when our elderly generation is suffering so much. The rich should not be able to get Medicaid and pocket so much other monies in certain areas. If individuals are making a certain amount of monies there should not be any form of loopholes that are allowed for them to get over. Increasing Medicaid for the elderly is definitely not the answer. Creating better healthcare programs for elderly people will help them to live longer and healthier lives. Our overall healthcare system need to be changed. Changes in that will provide the proper care for all men and women that are in need of care. Residents that are living nursing homes will also suffer a lot from ... ... middle of paper ... ...used to help with the cuts. Increasing in the revenues to private companies will is another option in which could be used Furthermore program funding plays a very important role in older adult’s daily lives. It provides a mean of economic security for them in areas such as healthcare, jobs and even daily activities. Cutting back on the programming can really hurt millions of elderly people in today’s society. Our government along with other countries needs to find effective mean in securing a brighter future for the older generation. In conclusion senior program funding cuts have drastically affected so many of our elderly people. It is up to us the younger generation to come together and help make changes to local government to properly care for our elderly. Getting old is inevitable and we would definitely want someone to take a step and do the same for us.
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