Senior Citizens, Interst Groups and Political Parties

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Senior Citizens, Interest Groups And Political Parties

The United States Constitution guarantees Americans numerous liberties and rights. Our government believes in Democracy. A system of government in which the people rule, either directly or indirectly. Democratic ideals is a form of government under the Constitution, which guarantees civil liberties and civil rights to all citizens. Ensuring citizens with civil liberties are defined as freedom guaranteed to individuals such as freedom of religion and freedom of expression. Civil Rights are powers or privileges that government may not arbitrarily deny to individuals. In our government, citizens determine the extent of government activity through free elections and competitive political parties. Voting is central to democracy, and citizens must also be able to discuss politics, form interest groups, contact public officials, campaign for competing parties, protest government decisions. For example, Senior Citizens take great political participation in the government. Political participation refers to those activities of private citizens that are more or less directly aimed at influencing the selection of government personnel and /or actions they take.

Senior citizens in the United States are increasingly active and influential in politics. They are concerned with politics and government, as they prove when they participate in politics through voting, working in political organizations, and holding office. They seek to remain informed in politics, particularly because they are the object of governmental programs. Old-age political organizations have expended tremendously in number, size, and influence during the last few decades. Older people seek to remain informed in polit...

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In result of social security, people aged sixty-five and older are the second-richest age group in the United States. Political economists recently estimated the government spends $350 billion on senior citizens, more than on national defense! In conclusion, the vulnerability of senior citizens and their reliance on these programs has caused an explosion in senior citizen voter turnout and open political participation. The fear of losing benefits was very strong in the 1996 election, where both President Clinton and Senator Dole were found to campaign strongly in areas with an abundance of senior citizens, such as in Florida. In result of the fear of losing their civil rights and continued use of these programs, senior citizens continue to be very politically active which causes a strong influence on the president.
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