An Analysis Of 'Secret Samantha And' Sol Painting, Inc.

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Many people in the world get into an almost unbreakable routine, shielding themselves from the real world. We wake up, brush our teeth, go to school with the same people, go home, and do it all over again. Once there is a roadblock in the way, it forces us to step outside our shell and look at others views for a change. American mythologist, writer, and lecturer,Joseph Campbell once said,”We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.” It is the act of noticing others words and actions that will reshape our lives for the better. In “Secret Samantha” and “Sol Painting, Inc.” the authors suggest that observing someone else’s perspective and taking the time to understand others can be mankind's greatest…show more content…
In “Secret Samantha,” Sam is fascinated by the new girl. She sees her standing up for herself and wearing her lace up boots separating herself from the pack, something Sam has never had the courage to do. Sam hears rumors spread about her and is unfathomed by the fact. During class, Miss.Lee informs the class about the changes made to the classe’s secret santa. The class moans, but Blade lights of the mood with her positive attitude leaving Sam thinking,”Whenever Blade speaks up, my chest goes ba-boom, ba-boom. It’s the weirdest thing. Like an allergic reaction”(72). In other words, Sam is supportive of Blades unique behavior even though it is not what she has been exposed to. Sam is trying to learn from Blade, by watching her very closely. Documenting in her brain everytime Blade brushes off a rude comment or speaks up in class. On the other hand, Merci in “Sol Painting, Inc.” is very different at first. All throughout Mercis life, her father has been known to be headstrong and get angered by the little things. When he doesn't stick up for the family Merci is the one who becomes angry. For example, after the event, Merci is standing there perplexed. Trying to figure out why her father did that, saying to Roli,”Can’t he see how awful it felt to be unimportant, to watch Papi stand there like a chump?”(52). Unlike Sam, Merci is at first rejecting her father's reaction toward the situation, because it’s new and different from his normal personality, she refuses to try to understand. Sam was open to new views in her life but Merci was cautious. The characters in these stores had different reactions due to the new or old people in their lives

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