An Analysis Of Finding Nemo

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986 words

No matter how old people get, they seem to just love animated films, most especially the Disney ones. Why do you think so? Well, they may be intended for children, but their themes seem like they're really intended for adults, but you will only notice them if you actually watch every films very closely and if you can of course come up with different theories. Just like some of the theories we have gathered, some would actually fascinate you that you would want to watch it all over again, then there's some that would of course break your heart. There are actually what people normally call Disney's Easter eggs, which are basically clues that you could find in almost every Disney animated film, they're not literally Easter eggs, it's more of a …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that disney's animated films are intended for children, but their themes seem to be meant for adults. some theories would fascinate you and others would break your heart.
  • Analyzes how the story of carl and ellie fredrickson is considered to be one of the greatest love stories ever told.
  • Analyzes how carl fredrickson's adventure in finding nothing/no one represents his journey to be with his wife ellie in heaven.
  • Explains that andy's mom in the toy story trilogy, was the same girl who left jessie the cowgirl.
  • Analyzes the theory about elsa and anna's cousin, who also happens to be another disney princess, rapunzel.

In the film, a clown fish Marlin lost his wife as well as all their eggs after they were attacked by a ferocious fish. However, Marlin found one egg that survived and he named him Nemo. For the benefit of the doubt the word “nemo” is actually a Latin word that means “nothing or no one” so that basically that means the title is actually Finding Nothing/No One. If Carl Fredrickson’s adventure in the film represents his journey to be with his wife Ellie in heaven. Marlin’s journey finding his son represents him dealing with stages of grief, let's break it down shall we? Marlin is obviously in denial, and that was represented when he wouldn't let Nemo go to school. Then he is obviously in despair, and that was represented when Nemo was flushed down the toilet, and finally, his acceptance with the fact that his family is gone, is when he let Nemo have his own adventures at the end of the film. Now this is truly heart-breaking indeed. Toy Story 2 – Jessie was owned by Andy’s …show more content…

In the films, Andy frequently wears a specific red cowboy hat, at first, you would actually think that it's just a random hat since he loves his cowboy, Woody, but then again, it actually looked nothing like Woody’s hat. In the second film, you might find a similar looking hat, and that is worn by the cowgirl Jessie. She is a toy owned by a girl named Emily, unfortunately, Emily grew up and just left her toys, including Jessie, out of nowhere. The theory is that Emily might actually be Andy's mom, because the hat that Andy wears all the time, might be hers since she used to love her cowgirl Jessie as much as Andy loves Woody. The good thing is that Andy didn't just leave his toys in the middle of nowhere, he entrusted his toys to a child whom he knows would take care of them, but that just make everyone cry no matter how many times people watch it, who wouldn't? Frozen – Elsa and Anna are Rapunzel’s

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