Americans’ Overdependence on the Internet

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Americans’ Overdependence on the Internet

Americans’ over-dependence on the internet is causing more harm than good. Technological advancement, coupled with our easy access to virtual life through computers, cell phones, iPods among others has introduced us into a new era of extreme livelihood and lifestyle; we have gradually expanded internet use to do most of our activities of daily living for us. This growing trend in internet obsession has led to increase in online sexual predators, social withdrawal, Internet fraud and health issues. This social stigma if left unchanged will lead to further deterioration in our emotional, physical and social wellbeing. This paper will take the position that our overly use of the Internet has caused more harm than good.

One researcher noted in his journal in 2001 that, “In recent years, there has been concern about the social impact of the Internet on several levels. One major worry was that use of the Internet would prompt people to withdraw from social engagement and become isolated, depressed, and alienated. A related fear was that Internet users might abandon contact with their local communities as they discovered how easy it is to go online to communicate with those in other parts of the world and get information from every point on the planet.” This prediction has partly if not in whole come to pass. With the average American spending roughly five and a half hours a day on social networking sites, (Nielson Mar. 19 2010) it’s become harder for people to make time for community associations. More people tend to derive more satisfaction from online acquaintances than face to face interactions. This growing phenomenon has worn our communal spirit to the barest mi...

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...ristotle once not, “we are social animals.” Even though I have friends that I communicate with on social networking sites from time to time, they are not reasons for me to detach from my family and friends who will be physically present to support me during hard times. Our local communities play a significant role in the nurturing process and it is very unfortunate that people don’t realize the threat Internet poses on our communal bonding.

So, what is the way forward? At this point, government censorship is extremely necessary to penetrate this social dilemma and initiate steps that can facilitate safe surfing. Even though the Internet has become indispensable in our lives, its excessive use has led to some serious detrimental effects on the society and it is about time we worked together as a nation to bring this stigma under control.
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