Thomas Whitecloud’s Blue Winds Dancing and the Internet

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In Thomas A. Whitecloud’s “Blue Winds Dancing,” he talks about how he feels disconnected with society because of the different aspects of society that he does not agree with and is not accustomed to. He copes with the two opposing societies because he is biracial and is therefore a part of both societies. There are many activities that are participated in by people who are apart of what he calls the civilized world. Whitecloud hitchhikes on a train in a cattle car with bums because he thinks that bums are the closest to his people. Bums are free of society, they only care about the essentials, and they do not participate in most of the man made possessions of society.

Currently, there are numerous issues about a lot of man-made activities. One of the most controversial man made objects that people talk about is the Internet. The spectrum of available content is steadily increasing and some members of society are agreeing that some of the content is hazardous, as it is delivered in an explicit manner. This content is also not in agreement with some of societies morals. There are multiple research studies that show how the Internet negatively affects humans in society emotionally and socially, educationally, medically and morally.

One of the major aspects of the Internet is how it affects humans’ emotions. There is one aspect of this, which has sprouted a new subject of academic research. Internet addiction is rapidly becoming a compulsive disorder as well as a sign of failure to control impulse emotions and to limit Internet use. There are many signs to tell if someone is addicted to the Internet or emotionally dependant on the Internet. Some people are compulsive shoppers and they have to buy something online whenever their e...

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