American Symphony Orchestra: A Musical Showcase

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On Sunday, April 19 2015 at 2:00 pm in Carnegie hall, the American Symphony Orchestra performed five pieces by various composers. The pieces performed at the American Symphony Orchestra include Alleluia, Dream-king and his love, Symphony NO.2, Music for Cello and Orchestra, and Cantares. Various well-known composers such as Randall Thompson, Horatio Parker, George Rochberg, Leon Kirchner, and Roberto Sierra composed the pieces included. All of which have an amazing skill and talent in composing music, which has been demonstrated by the American Symphony Orchestra. The American Symphony Orchestra opened with the first piece “Alleluia” composed by Randall Thompson. This piece by Randall Thompson was composed on July 1-5, …show more content…

This piece by Horatio Parker was composed in 1891. The piece, which lasts approximately 12 minutes, premiered on March 30, 1893, at Madison Square Garden in a concert for the winners of a National Conservatory of Music competition, which was composed by Parker himself. Its composer, Horatio Parker, was born on September 15, 1863 in Auburndale, Massachusetts and died on December 18, 1919 in Cedarhurst, New York. Horatio Parker was a talented composers, conductor and teacher demonstrating his ability to compose as a professor at Yale, where he began choral conducting and taught well known individuals such as Charles Ives. He was later appointed as Dean at …show more content…

Horatio Parker’s work “Dream-King and his love” which was performed at the American Symphony Orchestra is a Cantata which was original written in German and has gained a lot of attention by composers all over the world, which led Horatio Parker to win the first prize in a composition contest. Even though there are no online recordings of the “Dream-King and his love”, listening to it in person gave me the feeling of grief and despair due to its slow pace and low pitch. The piece sounded as if a tragic event has been going on in a person’s life and took a sudden turn and things went straight, giving the piece an anticipated upbeat

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