American Foreign policies and Influences

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No country in the world that has influence as the US. May be it is basically because it is a super-power nation. Although Russia has been there for ages since the time she existed as USSR, her foreign influence so far has not equated that exhibited by the US. The people’s republic of China is trying as much as she can to have influence, especially in Africa and other developing worlds, but still United States of America is on the lead on impacting countries of the world. Even the operations of international bodies like the UN have not fully been able to operate independent of influence from the US either directly or indirectly. What the US stands for in the international platform is felt across all the nations of the world. Amazingly scholars claim with firmness that what California is doing and believing today, is exactly what the world will be doing and believing tomorrow. This just shows how dominant the US is on the face of the world. Due to this great influence of the US in the international arena, debates have ensued concerning the impacts of America’s excessive involvement in international matters. Most Americans today are of divided opinions on international policies their leaders expose them to and the question making the rounds is whether those policies are worth all the inputs expended by the US government. Structurally and politically America is democratic. One of the key things it takes to the international community is that it wants the “whole” world to be democratic. It wants people to believe what it believes in. this has more been championed by members of the Congress and the executive and it all amounts into asking whether these two institutions are becoming a liability or an asset to the Americans at large. ... ... middle of paper ... ... Yes, everybody will agree that America being a superpower has an image to protect. Her international power should be felt from Far East to the west, north or south. However the tricks of the trade need to be changed. The American government needs to introduce moderation on its international policies so that there can be a balance between pursuing her interests and exerting power on other countries. Moderation will ensure that international conflicts between her and other nations are kept at a minimum. Less conflict directly translates to increase international understanding between America and her allies. The current policy is characterized by favor for allies. for example, history has proven that the US and Israel are very close allies and irrespective of whether Israel is on the right or wrong concerning international conflicts, the US always sides with her.

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