American Dream In The 1920's

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Today the American Dream seems like a distant memory. While America has grown the definition of the American Dream has not. Still today the American Dream is interpreted as “making it big,” or “hitting the jackpot”. When someone achieves the American Dream one usually accumulates great wealth or rise up in power. Although the definition of the American Dream was interpreted this way, there was never any guarantee that one would need to have instant wealth to fulfill the American dream. The American Dream does not have one definition since everyone has his/hers own dream to fulfill. Although because of the ideal that one can only achieve the American Dream if one has an extreme growth in power, many feel left behind, the American Dream far
The promise that if one worked hard then they could become overnight millionaires. This idea being strengthen by self-made millionaires such as Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and Henry Ford all names that pushed the idea that if one worked hard then they too could become a self-made millionaire, thus establishing the idea that people perceived as the American Dream. Although the idea that hard work will yield rewards is still held by most, today’s economy and social reality have drastically changed since the 1920s. Many are giving up on the American Dream because they still hold the ideas that were created 90 odd years ago. Times have changed yet the definition of the American Dream stays the
The thought of being able to have someone who is able to prolong the family name or take care of them is fulfilling their American Dream. For some all they ever wanted was to have a family, and although some do not believe this could be defined as an American Dream it is. The American Dream is not a set idea, instead the definition changes based on who one is talking about. The American Dream to have a family is a fairly popular one, many believing that is the only thing they can achieve in their life time. While most things are unattainable creating a family is open to anyone, therefore this is a Dream that can easily be fulfilled by an individual. Even if having kids was not part of one’s dream it could become their dream afterwards. Realizing this is all they ever wanted, therefore they changed their dream and fulfilled their American

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