America 's Pop Culture Zeitgeist

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“Another day, another protest” has become almost every one of my followers’ caption on Instagram and I don’t think they’re aware how cliché it’s become. Through different forms and across profuse platforms, lobbying has made its way into pop culture as frantically as Donald Trump did into the nationwide conversation about politics, and as compelling as Kylie Jenner has into the lipstick business. Over the course of the past decade, America’s pop culture zeitgeist has created an ambiance where people encourage an inclination to constantly reform their communities. In the same way, Michelle Obama, born in Chicago, Illinois has ancestry from Pre-Civil War African American slaves; she spent both her childhood and college life facing these African American roots. The color of her skin and her physical gender were always a means for people to reproach Michelle LaVaughn Robinson, but she used it as a force to become the many things she is today. American lawyer, writer, and the first African American First Lady, Obama has used the struggles she has faced in society to advocate for the minority groups that she herself is a part of. It is because of her understanding as a minority of real American culture, her use of the First Lady platform to implement activism, and her sensitivity to diverse cultures, that Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama should be the leader of the pop culture zeitgeist. Opposers of Obama’s zeitgeist leadership might argue that despite her race, Michelle Obama was educated at two prestigious Ivy League universities; and because of this, she is unable to relate to minorities. Privileged for having access to two Ivy Leagues, many also argue that the First Lady got into Princeton, not because of her grades, but because o... ... middle of paper ... ...standing of real American culture through the experience of a minority, but she has also used the “First Lady” title in order to induce activism and secure the ambiance of reform, and used her education in order to become sensitive to diverse culture. Obama’s attributes and accomplishments throughout her entire life’s career and as First Lady have proven that she not only is she of the minorities but she is for the minorities, as well. She doesn’t use her platform to implement patriotism and denial, but instead as a reinforcement of reform, social change, and sensitivity to cultural diversity . Consequently, Michelle Obama is a relatable woman in the sense that she doesn’t passively sit by shaking hands at the White House, or consuming Twitter feeds, she has become an agent in media by contributing to unshakable, compelling force and the aura of activism in America.

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