Alzheimer's Disease: Symptoms and Causes

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Alzheimer’s is a disease that effects older people’s brains. It is usually not a part of aging. A long time ago, people would call memory loss hardening of the arteries. This paper talks more about Alzheimer’s, signs and symptoms, has the causes, treatment, and diagnosis.

Alzheimer’s is a disease which makes people lose memory. Alzheimer’s can also be called dementia which is the same. Alzheimer makes people lose their memory and causes the loss of thinking skills of the nerves in a person’s brain to die. As the nerve cells in your brain keep dying, Alzheimer's can and will slowly get worse and worse over time. This disease doesn’t only make you lose your memory but it also affects thinking, language, behavior, and the tasks of daily life. Having other diseases and other things wrong with you can make Alzheimer’s worse.

Signs and Symptoms
Some signs of Alzheimer’s disease is hard to detect. Not all memory loss and misplacing of things is Alzheimer related, which is why it is hard to detect. When it is noticed that someone is experiencing signs of Alzheimer’s, the person should see the doctor if it has been going on for a long time. Memory problems are usually the first sign of Alzheimer’s to be noticed by the individual or their family members. Also, the other first signs are the changes in behavior. After that, a person will begin having difficulty in not being able to complete familiar tasks. Confusion will be obvious in trying to remember where they are or what they are doing. When Alzheimer’s gets worse, the person will start to notice having trouble in speaking and will also have changes in mood and possibly weird movements. Also, symptoms of Alzheimer's is not recognizing familiar places, faces ...

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...can effect many people. It usually effects people that have had parents that have had Alzheimer's. It effects during the older onset between age 65 and older. It rarely effects during the early onsets between the age’s of the 40’s and 50’s.

Personal Opinion
My personal opinion about Alzheimer’s is I think it is terrible. It is awful how people can forget everything they have done and everyone that they have ever known from this disease. My grandpa has it. He doesn’t remember anything and he doesn’t know how to do anything. He has to have help in everything that he does. The stage that he has is 6 or 7, which is the worse. Also, my family thinks that my other grandpa has it, but it isn’t as bad as my other grandpa. Since both of my grandpas have it, my parents will probably get it which means I have a high chance of getting it since it runs in the family from genes.
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