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In chemistry, elements found on the Periodic Table are used by chemists including aluminum. Aluminum is given the symbol Al on the periodic table and has an atomic mass number of twenty-seven (a combination of thirteen protons and fourteen neutrons). Silvery white, soft, and flexible metal, aluminum is the third most abundant element. To produce pure aluminum compounds are mined and then the compounds undergo two major processes to create pure aluminum. Once it is ready aluminum is a very important element to society in multiple ways including: in industry, transportation, design, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and construction. Although aluminum compounds are found in igneous rocks like granites and dolerites (Farndon 7), aluminum is most commonly produced from the ore bauxite. Bauxite is found in Australia, Guinea, Jamaica, Surinam, Brazil, and India (History). It can also be found in South America, Africa, China and the United States (Aluminum). Thick sheets of bauxite form from weathering which Farndon explains on page 8 of his book called Aluminum, “In warm, moist climates, the clays break down to form thick sheets of bauxite, the raw material which aluminum is extracted”. The first step to create aluminum is mining bauxite from the earth’s surface. In the 15th century, people used pickaxes to mine bauxite (Farndon 5). But now bauxite is mined with heavy machinery (Facts). Bauxite can also be broken up by explosives (Farndon 8). After being mined, to get the final product of aluminum it has to be processed. Once mined and cleaned thoroughly, bauxite ore undergoes two major processing steps to be transformed into aluminum (Aluminum). The first process is called the Bayer process. “The Bayer process is used to refine bauxite in... ... middle of paper ... used in smart phones (Facts). Besides the fact that aluminum is used greatly in society it is very important. All in all aluminum compounds to produce aluminum are found in bauxite. The compounds have to be extracted and then take two major processes to get the finished product: pure aluminum. Aluminum helps out in industry, transportation, design, packaging, pharmaceuticals, and construction. It is important to help society and creates jobs for the industry. Does aluminum affect your life? Works Cited “Aluminum.” Bryson Charitable Group. 2014. Web. 16 Apr. 2014. “Facts at a Glance.” The Aluminum Association. 2014. Web. 14 Apr. 2014. Farndon, John. Aluminum. New York: Benchmark Books, 2001. Print. “History of the Metal.” Aluminum Industry. nd. Web. 15 Apr. 2014. “World Consumption of Aluminum Application.” Gulf Aluminum Council. 2013. Web. May 2014.

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