Alcohol and Its Effects on the Body

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Alcohol is a substance that is consumed by mouth that transports through the bloodstream. Alcohol can cause many diseases and damage within a human’s body. Not only does alcohol has an effect on a person’s eternal organs and brain but it also can affect the appearance of a person. This is one of the deadliest substances that are consumed into a human’s bloodstream. Alcohol is a substance that can cause diseases to spread throughout the body and brain that may cause eternal damage to the organs.

The effects of alcohol consummation may vary with damage to the brain, organs, and appearance. "Alcohol travels through your bloodstream and can damage your brain, stomach, liver, kidneys, and muscles". ("Above The Influence") With knowing that this substance is this powerful to cause damage to these internal and external organs there are several affects that comes behind them as well. The act of alcohol on the brain has a major effect because it inhibits a person’s thought process. When this is done that basically means that it slows the thought process down. A person may do unnecessary things that he/she may normally not do. Too much alcohol can affect the brain by creating a loss of memory. When this occur some people may suffer from Dementia or serious other brain injuries. The damage to the organs can be deadly leading in death because of the consummation of alcohol in a person’s body. Alcohol can lead to many diseases amongst the organs such as kidney failure, liver disease, and etc. The heart which is a person’s strongest organ is also affected by alcohol. Depending on the amount of alcohol intake at a time the heart rate can began to increase within a nick of time. A person’s appearance is affected by alcohol because if you ev...

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...ermanent damage to the brain, alcohol poisoning, and etc. The damage of a person’s addiction to alcohol results in many forms of how regularly a person may intake an alcoholic beverage. By being an alcoholic this may hinder a person’s ability and actions which are known to be unintentional. Cancer may evolve from being an addict of this deadly substance.

Alcohol is a substance that is transported into the bloodstream that is in taken through a person’s mouth which can further down the line lead to eternal damage. Too much alcohol can potentially damage a person’s organs, brain, and etc. This can possibly lead to alcohol poisoning if it is keeps up. Alcoholism is better known as an addiction that has short-term and long-term effects on a person. This substance is known to have many effects on a person whether they are addict or just an average occasional drinker.
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