Aircraft Comparison

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Even with its more recent founding in 1970, Airbus still has a roughly even market share of aircraft as Boeing, which was founded in 1916. Each aircraft manufacturer each has their perks and they both have their disadvantages. Boeing and Airbus each have a similar safety record within the past six years. Comparing each aircraft manufacturer in its entirety does not accurately represent the safety information of Airbus or Boeing. To be able to differentiate each aircraft manufacturer, we need to compare similar aircraft from each company. For our purposes we will compare the flagship plane of Boeing and Airbus, the 747 and A320, with Airbus being the latter.
Including the Boeing 747 is important in comparing the safety records between the two main aircraft manufacturers because of its popularity. From Boeing’s website, the 747 fleet has flown more than 5.6 billion people–about 80% of the worlds population since its first flight in 1969. There are also 838 planes in service in the Boeing 747 family. In the past six years the 747, Boeing’s flagship plane has incurred six acciden...
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