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Montré Shuler
The Fighter Plane

The fighter plane has become a game changer in the aspect of war and the advances in technology have continued to make it an essential facet in war. Over the last 100 years the fighter plane has evolved into a lethal, reliable, and an efficient machine. They’ve come from firing bullets through propellers to screaming across the sky at speeds of over 1000 miles per hour! They’ve went from face to face dogfights, a close combat between military aircraft, to being able to shoot missiles at targets they can’t even see and still hit them! The advancements in technology have made the fighter plane an essential forte for any military. The fighter plane has a long history and is continuing to change and it has really proven its necessity in combat over the years beginning in WW1. Fighter planes are important and technology has made them an essential factor in for a military to have because without a strong air force the chances of winning a war are very low.
To understand why fighter planes are vital for a military to have one must know what a fighter plane is. A fighter plane is a military aircraft designed primarily for air to air combat with other aircraft. The distinctive features of a fighter plane is its speed, maneuverability, and size related to other aircraft. One of the purposes of a fighter plane is to gain air superiority over the battlefield. Having control of the skies has become a vital factor in determining the outcome of the war. When a military has air superiority over the opposing side it allows them to move around more and complete operations with greater efficiency. Even though a fighter plane’s main purpose is to gain control of the skies, some planes can be mu...

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... Raptor and F-35 JSF.

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