AirAsia Company

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Background analysis

AirAsia is an Airline Company established with the objective of providing flight services to everyone. This company has been recorded as one of the best flight service providers in the world and has been receiving recognition awards since 2001. It provides services to over twenty countries hence this company seems to have a quite large market share and servicing the loan will not be a problem to this company. AirAsia Company has also been paving way for cheap aviation through effective and efficient structures and a determination for good performance.

AirAsia has different associate companies like Indonesia AirAsia and Thai AirAsia. AirAsia X is also another well known associate of this company. AirAsia X was formed in the year 2007 and provides place to place networks to this organization. AirAsia has been scooping a great market segment through its cost efficiency and this shows that it’s a great asset to this company and boosts the confidence for the bank to give out the loan. AirAsia has been concentrating on offering services at the most fair and reasonable prices since its establishment. This has earned this company a big market share and hence high sales. This company therefore gives the bank a lot of confidence to give the loan without hesitation. Employees have always been treated like a big family. They have been working in the best working conditions. AirAsia products have been of high quality and minimum complaints have been experienced. The company has been making high profits in the few past years according to the financial statements.

Market analysis

AirAsia Company has been operating with routes in an average of twenty countries and it is still expanding to different parts of the world....

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...tive officer has received recognition in international and local wards and the company is doing well according to the published financial statistics. This is enough evidence that the company should be granted the loan and the bank should be confident with this company. Looking at the company’s profile you also realize that it receives a great number of compliments from its guests for provision of a low-fare, and also a good service in terms of quality and it sets pace for other companies. This company is therefore highly recommended for the loan to necessitate great growth and increased revenues for AirAsia.


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