Air Pollution In Russia Essay

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The air pollution in Russia is varied due to the size of the country. Because it is so large, Russia, has decent air quality in most parts while some other cities suffer a lot more from air pollution. The total air emissions last year were at 19.6 million tons, which is a slight increase from 2011’s at 19.2 million tons. About 200 cities exceed Russia’s pollution levels annually. Cities such as Moscow, Norilsk, St.Petersburg, Dzerzhinsk, and Rudnaya Pristan are some of the most polluted cities in Russia, causing most of the air pollution in the country. In fact, three of those cities, Norilsk, Rudnaya Pristan, and Dzerzhinsk made it onto the list of the most environmentally polluted cities on earth, according to Mercer consulting form. This is a…show more content…
The two cities differ though due to the fact that the emissions in Norilsk are mainly due to industrial facilities with only .5 percent coming from vehicles. It’s the exact opposite in Moscow, where emissions from vehicles account for 92.8 percent of the total. So as you can see, the reason why the air quality varies in Russia is due to different factors, but mostly due to industrial areas having a higher amount of pollutants going into the atmosphere. 70 percent of the air pollution in Russia comes from Industrial sources, according to The Environmental Rights Center (ERC) Bellona, which is said to be creating an environmental disaster in the country. A big problem Russia faces is the lack of awareness about the industrial pollution which results in the regional populations not expressing any concerns regarding what to do about it or the fact that it’s a serious concern. The reason for the lack of disparity is mainly due to the fact that many people have no means of getting the information on it because it is not readily available, or may not even be available at

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