Agritourism Case Study

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According to Murphy (2013), tourism can be referred to as the business of attracting the people who enjoy travelling around the world for pleasure. Moreover, it is further stated that the tourism companies attract tourists by offering different packages that include accommodation and entertainment. However, van der Bij and Pitout (2012) argued that travelling can be either within the traveller’s country or internationally. The author further stated that the prospect of tourism varies as some people view it as a holiday activity, while some people believe that it is an act of travelling to and staying in different countries outside their usual environment for less than one consecutive year. In contrast to this, a counter argument was developed…show more content…
Moreover, it is further stated that the agriculture activities bring the visitors to a ranch or a farm. The author Sznajder, Przezborska and Scrimgeour (2009) also supported this thought and added that the definition of agritourism varies in different parts of the world. For instance in Italy, this kind of tourism usually means to stay on a farm, whereas in other countries, it includes a variety of activities including buying farm products directly from the farm. Tew and Barbieri (2012) stated that the importance of this type of tourism is increasing because it provides a release from the stressful life of high traffic and office cubicles to the people. A disagreement was formed by Van Niekerk (2013) that made him argue that even though the agritourism is gaining in importance, there is a lack of resources and facilities available in the rural areas, which interfere with the privacy and routine of the localities. Hence, it has been analysed and pointed out that the definition of agritourism is rather geographical than…show more content…
It is one of the important tourism in different countries including Australia, Africa, Indonesia, and some other countries having wild forests. However, Igoe, Neves and Brockington (2010) stated that wildlife tourism is closely aligned with the eco-friendly and sustainable tourism. Therefore, the importance of wildlife tourism is increasing and is providing many benefits to the related countries, as it improves the economy of the country and such wildlife documentaries promote the country to the world and increase its popularity. However, Kuvan (2010) criticised that the increase in the wildlife tourism disturbs the life pattern of the wild animals and their natural habitat. It has also been evaluated that the wildlife tourism involves a high risk towards the traveller’s life because of the chances of an uncertain and unpredictable behaviour of the wild
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